Would you Help

Please read this post with full attention and awareness.

I shared my personal stories, that takes a lot of courage so that society can learn and address very serious issues. Your kids or grandkids may suffer the same isolation on this overpopulated planet if you ignore this issue.

I am not an artist by profession and still manged to learn that much that I could express the last 20 years of learning through creative arts and movie clips that were already available.

We could have asked so many questions to understand the issue, but they prefer to ban and shut my voice.

Social isolation is being created intentionally by terrorist groups and criminals who hire individuals by making them lonely and miserable. Canada is a multicultural country, and  there is a big communication gap between communities from different ethnic groups.

This communication gap is being exploited by criminals and terrorist groups around the globe.

Question : Why I shared these two movies three years ago

Answers : To get the help by putting spotlight on the topic for discussions and finding solutions.

Question : Have we taken any steps to address the issue?

Answer : Sadly not yet.

I have spent ten years of my life  not exactly but with feeling same as "Cast Away" . Nobody could understand how slow and gradual this change was. I was fully aware and never stopped trying to come out of this strange situation that other does not understand at all.

The second movie "Shadows in the sun" in which Jeremy (Joshua Jackson) an American-British book editor try to convince Italian author Weldon Parrish (Harvey Keitel) to write again.

When I shared this movie three years ago , I thought people of my city are wise and educated, and they may help me and make me able to contribute to society in positive manner in less than six months. Three and half years went by, and they kept preaching me and blaming me that I do not understand.

The question is -- did they understood or acknowledged the issue at all????????????

There is still time to acknowledge  and act as soon as we can. I thank my friend who inspired me to keep breathing even if circumstances were very unfavourable for me.