Government Services Standards

Delivering Government services at highest ethical standards must be top priority in any good Country.

Government Services Standards must be defined clearly by stating accurate processing times and waiting periods if any. Waiting period is not even desirable in a good functioning governing system.

If you expect your citizens working full time better you respect their valuable time and not waste  90 minute on phone calls or make them standing in long queues(lines)  for simple services. If you state our population has increased then hire more representatives in the same ratio so that Government Services are delivered effectively within defined time frame.

Middleman culture can be exploited by other Counties, Criminals and possibly even by terrorists.

Personal information of Canadian Citizens must be assured in safe hands. I did not like such news that fraudsters sold homes in Toronto on fake documents or fake signatures. I do not like news like a bank funded terrorists by misusing others accounts or information. Trust is number one factor that makes citizens feel patriotic, otherwise they will not be honest towards the country.

I have seen accountants misusing personal information without knowledge and consent to sell work permits on your company names because you authorized them to represent your business. How many times I observed my professional licenses were misused to pull electrical permits on my name without my knowledge and consent. Authorities were sending me a copy of code of ethics that were never ignored by me. It was their department failure to verify identity of the permit applicants.

Please make your service standards an example for the world. Raise the bar of service standards in Canada to demonstrate the whole world how Government services should be delivered to save democratic Values.