True Democracy

What is True democracy?

Why it is necessary to not choose sides of spectrum when talking about true democracy?

Of course one can stay on left or right when voting or running a campaigns for left or right party . But when we talk about true democracy staying neutral and talk about true democratic values is our moral duty.

Let me talk about this topic more openly exercising my freedom of speech as assured in Canadian laws and charter of rights.  

Case 1    Suppose I am a liberal and voted for liberal party but Justin Trudeau did total opposite but he promised before election, it is my moral duty to tell him and the party that you have not kept your words. It is cheating with citizens to say something before elections and get votes. When you won you started doing totally opposite to what you promised. Also ask me a question that if same things are done by conservatives ,would I ask similar question to advocate true democracy?? 

Case 2 Suppose I am a conservative and asking questions to liberals. What if in future conservatives won and did the same thing of ignoring common citizens ? Do i have balls to ask question to the party that I support? 

Now let me remind  Mr. Trudeau what he promised in 2015

1. Making the 2015 federal election the last under first-past-the-post 

Now look at this picture Ontario has 121 seats

BC has 42 seats

Quebec has 78 seats

Alberta has 34 seats and that is because of Edmonton and Calgary 

Now out of total 338 seats, BC, Ontario and Quebec together has 241 seats

97 seats from the rest of Canada. Does that mean federal government is only being elected by 3 provinces that takes decision for the all of the Canada??

Please let me remind you that you did not kept your promise and you were only focused on Syrian refugee crisis & scrap the visa requirement for Mexicans travelling to Canada. 

2.  Fully closing the CEO stock options tax loophole 

I must remind you that maximum steal of Government body CRA money was done under your control under carousel schemes 

3. Improving transparency in government 

Come on Mr. Trudeau why would you promise that when you clearly knew it is going to be too muddy and we can not even decide where to start doubting this transparency. Your people targeted me and depleted financially just to take revenge for speaking truth and standing tall for Canadian democratic values.


Now please allow me to reflect on 2019 promises

Abstract : Even if I raised all objections to the liberal party and their leader and I hope Canadians tell them why they would not vote for them, Does that means conservatives will restore true democracy? Honestly I have doubts but we do not have options. 

NDP has never stood for Canadian Values and they never won on federal level. The second thing they always have candidates from two religious backgrounds. They represent religions more than representing Canada. I must clearly convey my message to conservatives that once faith on democracy is gone it will become a civil war. I must share my own experience of 18 years in Canada, my faith is severely hurt. Even if people have exploited me at work places I never felt going to courts to get justice. I clearly know it is so lengthy process that drains us  financially and mentally. At the end of the day it is our collective duty to restore true democratic values otherwise we collectively will suffer.