Passive smoking

What is second hand smoke or passive smoking ????

Before we define ,I want to share that after 7PM  many plaza's that have Marijuana retail counter is full of smoke just like many smoke machines throwing out smoke at DJ party 

Passive smoking means breathing in other people's tobacco smoke. All passive smoking is unsafe. 

Secondhand smoke exposure occurs when people breathe in smoke breathed out by people who smoke or from burning tobacco products. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. 

With marijuana being legally accepted in countries like Canada, it has become a big human right issue for those who do not like to breath in second hand smoke and other drug vapors.

How can you stop shopping in shopping malls and plaza's to stay safe from second hand smoke??

How can you not sit outside if you love outdoors??

But you can not stop other people from smoking marijuana near park benches because it is legal now.

This subject needs in-depth analysis and discussion to reverse such laws that takes away human rights of non-smoker citizens.

I see it a bad design when it comes to apartments, duplex homes and quadplex homes. I am sharing my direct experience of renting an apartments in 100 mile house when  drug sellers made wholes in 4 inch hallow walls to increase drug sales. What happens any new person who moves to such neighborhood start having health issues. Obviously ,living in the same building they can recommend you  to smoke marijuana for temporary relief from your health problems. But I knew this technique of drug sellers so identified those holes that were intentionally made. I have been inspecting buildings for electrical work so I know about other trades including heating and ventilation. Every penetration in walls are sealed before final inspection so one can easily identify holes that are made after the inspection.