Travelling Outside Country

Human Rights and Justice

I want to share that many people asked me about my decision to not travell outside Canada Boundries. I made that decision in 2014 after analysis of world politics and power battles.

My reletive from England made a comment ona apublic post that I must visit my parents in India. I beileve everyone got answer now after Canada India conflict. Laws of Canada do not work in India and Indian laws do not work in Canada. I was wise enough to understand the dynamics 10 years ago.

I have reason to belive both parties are wrong because it is battle of power that puts citizens of both countries in odd spots. India need to work on national security but without arresting innocent Canadian Citizens. They must take action who work against India but on solid grounds. The same appraoch is expected from Canada they must not allow peoples on fake documents into Canada and ensure safety of national boundries and Canadian Citizens.

Media will encourage you to raise voice for justice. I understand it is not good practice to arrest or involve enforcement action unless someone is a threat to the country's peace and public safety.

My question is there are international bodies registered on the name of providing justice internationally. They claim they have lawyers that practice international laws when collecting donations from community.

They conduct food and medicine camps wheneever there is war in any other countries around the globe.

Do they not stand for their own community when it comes to speak for justice? If not why they collect donations from community if they have no educated lawyers that can assure justice for Candians in India or any other country?

I can respectfully name WSO and Sikh for Justice. Isn't it thier responsibility to assure that Candian citizens get justice within the country and around the globe as they state on their website?

They collect donations all over the world on the name of justice for community. There are also other organisation that they claim we fight for human rights and justice. Where are all those registered organisation??

Why it is expected from common citizens that hardly earn enough to pay bills and can not afford lawyers to fight for justice??