Social Structure

The Social structure of the modern world

We always talk about social structure. Sometimes we even call someone antisocial just because one does not believe in pretending social and participating in drama.

You can feel it yourself look back all the jobs you have worked on. How many friends you get from those work places. In todays world most relationships lies in three categories

Assess yourself how many personal relationships you can rely on. We use word Friends. How many you have in the real sense? The word “Love” how long we talk about this word. Do you feel it so frequently in your daily life? with how many persons?

The old social structure you knew every home owner in your Neighborhood. In rural areas you know every homeowner and all family members. What is this happening in the world? People are moving so fast, when your neighbor will change no idea. How your neighbor will behave if you ever tried to make friendly relation. I always hesitate if I knocked on a neighbors’ door someone may come out with a gun and ask what’s your problem?

There were times when people trusted words of mouth. Now you have to write a legal agreement for every single thing. I replaced one side of my home’s fence. I talked to my neighbor. I was thinking we are neighbors and start connecting little bit but the experience I had discouraged me to even try.

Anyways I will say if you believe in humanity and love please overcome bad experience and be willing to connect. The weak social structure is very beneficial for politicians. That’s where immigration came into picture move them here and there and never let them have lovely relationships. Use them on workplaces like robots. Their intent is very clear. How we can deal with it ?It can be possible by having personal relationships.