What is mental illness

Please allow me to start this post with the fact that the one who do not care about others and is powerful in terms of  money and strength will never be considered mentally ill.

Then who are these people who are declared mentally ill. I believe they are beautiful souls who never prefer to steal, who never want to give pains to others. They carry the weight of all the pain on themselves. They never try to harm others.

Now let us come to formal definition

Mental health is the foundation for emotions, thinking, communication, learning, resilience, hope and self-esteem. Mental health is also key to relationships, personal and emotional well-being and contributing to community or society. Mental health is a component of overall well-being. It can influence and be influenced by physical health. Source : psychiatry.org

It is classified in major four categories.

What are the 4 types of mental illness?

A few years back, the natural state of being sad because of financial loss or loss of the loved one was considered Normal. Such temporary state of mind resolve itself sooner or later depending upon the strengths and dealing strategy of the individual.

Prescribing medicines for such a temporary state may make it permanent.

The second thing I want to discuss here is once a person start taking prescriptions, it must not last more than a year. If it does, the system must provide financial assistance to the person until the person recovers health and quits all medication. After that, the person can rejoin the workforce. Knowing that the person is not working and taking prescription for 5–10 years is ignorance on the part of medical system.

We keep so much money to address the problems, ignoring the root causes why there are these issues. Preventing mental illness from being such a common and big problem is an effective approach. It can save peoples lives and government money and reduce the burden on the system.

Sometimes I feel isn't it the other way, ninety wrong people saying ten people are wrong because they did not learn how to steal. They did not learn what should they speak that others would like, hiding everything that is right or hiding truth.

We are always instructed to open share our personal matters or family matters. The truth is, the information we share with professional is misused to harm us. Many people know that.

If an isolated person clearly expressed that one needs direct help. After reaching out and asking for help, did not get it. Can I say we must not discuss everything with a professional because they just work for a pay cheque.

I never understand they never even consider feedback and inputs from those who suffered and successfully overcame such health issues.