How to interpret Democracy

How people interpret Democracy ??

We  consider ourselves educated and civilized. Sometimes it surprises me how people interpret different things that does not seem right. Interpreting democracy is not different.

People interpret democracy by certain party name whereas democracy is supposed to function at set standards that are minimum does not matter which party runs the system. The competition between parties must be how well they run the system.

Now let us define the word system here.


System : a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. 

or we can also say 

a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method.   

Example : Let us take example of a hydro power plant

System has following main component : 

Now imagine any one component of this system fails

Let us say shaft do not rotate the coil that spins inside magnetic field 

Would that Electric power plant produce electrical power  even if water is falling on the turbine and its blades are rotating ??

or let us say every part of the system works except magnetic field , Would that system produce electricity??

Governing system is not any different system.

We just chose different parties or representative but officers that are hired as system components remains the same.

They must be working as intended does not matter which party wins majority.

If  all departments run as intended without differentiating common citizens and VIP's only then we can consider democracy is functioning.

Why people think democracy is there if pary A, B or C wins ??

Isn't law and order there to make sure democracy functions as intended all the times irrespective of the party that is elected to run the system??

Stop, think, reflect & analyze.