Technology benefits vs drawbacks

Technology is not a new concept, it came into existence as soon as human started finding ways of easy survival. The peace of wood started rolling and became wheel of the horse cart or bull cart.

Weather it is social norms, religion or technology it deteriorates from its initial purpose.

I can have as many discussions as you can call.

The purpose of technology was to make life easy and simple.

Human were hunting and gathering. Then they started growing crops and raising live stock.

Before I go into the subject let me remind, we have certain amount of time issued by nature to live on this planet. Let us say 80 years on average.

I remember  when we used to cut Bajara (let us say grass) by manual toka machine. We wanted to save time to enjoy life more.

What happened we put electrical motor on toka machine and hand pump t make life easier and have more time to live with intention to enjoy.

What was the result or outcome => Electricity bills went up and we have to work for others to pay those bills.

Before those two motors we were still working but for ourselves , for our own family. Then suddenly we started working for others.

Individual preferences took over family unity.

Now count these bills and put them together you will know what I am talking about.

Phone bill - phone came into existence to improve communication but I could not talk to my specific friend for three and half years. I never got a call that says "Amrik you completed a job very well please come and take your money" such calls could make phone a good device but it never happened.

What kind of calls we receive on phone

A job call when you are with your family that someone is sick please cover his shift.

A marketing calls would you buy so and so.

A call for survey or fraud calls.

A spam call or tracing your location call.

Do you think phone helps to make your life better. Of course you have to pay at least $300 per month for a family of 4-5 individuals.


I find internet useful to learn new things but was it required on mobile phone. Wasn't desktop and laptop enough to browse internet??

did it saved our time or we forget important tasks while browsing internet. Have you noticed some sexy video appeared in suggested videos link and if you click your suggestion is full of that stuff that takes you away from your focus or project you was working on.


again it is useful device but can your enemies trace your locations and know exactly where you are.

Online banking - like someone watching every penny you earning and spending. If it was father still fine ,he will stop you from useless spending but those watching you actually encourage to spend more and more even if your earning is way less than you spend.

Now consider all these bills

Housing Shelter including Furniture

Electricity bill

Internet Bill

Phone internet bill

Heating gas bill

Water Bill

Education Bill

Garbage Bill


Car Insurance

Car Fuel



Beauty products (not a necessity though because you are more beautiful without it)

How wrong was that we heard water, electricity, education is  free in foreign countries

How much time you get in 24 hour period that you spend the way your heart wants to ??

Any answers??

How did technology served its purpose to make life easier and happy??

Did it saved time or pushed us to work more and more against our wish??

Globalization is taking us on wrong path, try building self sufficient national boundaries. 2-3 countries manufacturing, the rest of the world is sales man marketing products. Observe your actions  even if you are an artist you will end up selling dresses, beauty products, insurance and jewelry